by Pamela Geddes
The La Pamelita project started life in 1996 when Pamela Geddes made its first base wine in Bodegas Castaño, Yecla. The joint venture lasted a few years before a parting of the ways. She formed Lobban Wines SL in 2003 and its temporary home was rented space in a winery near Girona.
The company is now permanently based in a small sparkling facility in the high Penedès, just outside of the cava capital Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, in the charming village of Sant Jaume Sesoliveres and only 55 Kms from Barcelona.
The range of wines from the Lobban company could be described as slow wines since they are all made by hand using time-honoured traditional methods. They are different, interesting and designed to be both food and user friendly. Enjoy.
La Pamelita project
Carrer Creueta, 24
Sant Jaume Sesoliveres